The movie rounders and the mike mcdermott character analysis

In a conspiratorial, low-key voice-over narration, professional poker player mike mcdermott (matt damon), a clean-cut, high-stakes poker gambler, guides us through movie analysis at first glance, some viewers might look at mike's quest to turn his 5-figure bankroll into millions as an unbelievable hollywood script, but the. Many movies have been based on the game of poker and one such famous movie is the rounders classic this is surely a very relative movie and the regular online poker players will surely relate to all the characters in the movie matt damon played the role of mike mcdermott who is the “ace” player. Mike mcdermott: in “confessions of a winning poker player,” jack king said, “ few players recall big pots they have won, strange as it seems, but every player my favorite character in the wonderful movie “up” is dug the dog, who despite his advanced technological tools is a prisoner of his own biology. Casinoreefcomau has seen the casino-themed film become more common, with casinos providing a unique blend of glamour and danger that leads to iconic films and characters here are perhaps the top three characters from casino movies through the years mike mcdermott rounders this is one of.

(by the way, when teddy kgb turns over those aces, that gives birth to yet another face for the hall of fame of faces: the mike mcdermott face maybe damon's finest moment in the movie -- he captured that holy crap, i just lost my shirt look as well as it can possibly be done and we've all been there maybe not for a. Rounders stars matt damon as mike mcdermott, a budding poker whizz with a career as a lawyer on the horizon mike begins the movie as a reformed character a man sure, in rounders, characters say things like “give me three stacks of high society,” but the context always makes the meaning clear. Rounders is a 1998 film about the underground world of high-stakes poker gifted poker player mike mcdermott (matt damon) loses his entire $30,000 bankroll in a hand of texas hold'em against teddy kgb (john malkovich), a russian mobster who runs an illegal the list of authors can be seen in the page history. While both will hunting and mike mcdermott are immensely capable, will lacks direction whereas mike lacks self-control and the latter is far more difficult to sympathize with, even if there isn’t much else aside from the accent distinguishing the two roles – heck, damon didn’t even go through the.

Mike mcdermott is the character played by matt damon in the movie rounders. Toward the end of the film rounders, the main protagonist, mike mcdermott, decides to play his $20k bankroll against teddy kgb in texas hold'em, after the latter taunts him after an indeterminate amount of time, kgb has apparently won a large part of it back, but then something happens at the flop, 3♢5♤a♧, mike, who.

We are fast approaching the 15th anniversary theatrical release of rounders, the best poker movie of all-time of the mid-2000's and to this day, it's hard to meet a poker player on the live tournament circuit who hasn't seen the flick or doesn't list it on their list of top #2 | mike mcdermott (matt damon. In the movie rounders(1998) we see examples of these first three methods of seeking gambling success the element of chance is better portrayed by james caan in the gambler (1974) rounders tells the story of new york city resident mike mcdermott (matt damon), who is paying for his law school tuition by winning at. How about “rounders” if you haven't seen this movie yet, you have to add it to your “must see” list and here is why just listen to a part of the story and i'm sure you will be looking forward to finding out what's the end of the movie mike mcdermott is a talented poker player, who had lost $30k to a russian.

Plot: mike mcdermott (matt damon) is a former underground card shark turned law school student beyond some smoking and drinking, and the fact that the film may inspire kids to want to play poker and perhaps imitate the main character by betting everything they've got, most of the remaining categories have little. My email acquaintance michael blinder recently wrote to point out something very awesome in the movie rounders both teddy kgb and mike mcdermott ( matt damon's character) exhibit a few poker tells besides the infamous oreo cookie one both of them exhibit a kind of poker tell i call “disclaimers”. There's a terrific moment midway through rounders in which mike mcdermott ( matt damon), a wizardly young cardsharp, describes what it's still, the two characters are convincingly in thrall to the excitement of gambling, and the film makes that addiction palpable norton, cast in what might have once. Movie info set against the backdrop of new york's high-stakes underground poker world mike mcdermott, a master card player who trades the poker playing rounds for this ode to the allure of clipping suckers and psyching out the competition is richly atmospheric but thin in the character department.

The movie rounders and the mike mcdermott character analysis

Buy rounders: read 1225 movies & tv reviews - amazoncom. Released in 1998, rounders opened to mixed reviews and saw only modest box office success with the growing popularity of poker, the film later became a cult hit capturing the essence of poker one of the most striking aspects of rounders is that its poker scenes feel very authentic other films such as.

  • Gifted poker player and law student mike mcdermott (matt damon) dreams of playing in the world series of poker (wsop) and sitting next to his idol johnny chan unfortunately, mike loses his entire $30,000 bankroll after being outplayed in a hand of texas hold'em against teddy kgb (john malkovich), a russian.
  • Not only did he have the rules memorized to a t, but he also knew how to analyze his opponents' tells to find out what cards they had in their hand the movie starts off as a flashback where we are introduced to the main character, mike mcdermott, a skilled poker player who is trying to earn his college tuition through.

“listen, here's the thing if you can't spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker,” says matt damon as new york city card sharp mike mcdermott in rounders that line, which jumpstarts the film, ended up being a hell of a lede for screenwriter brian koppelman, who entered. Crime matt damon in rounders (1998) matt damon and gretchen mol in rounders (1998) matt damon and famke janssen in rounders (1998) matt damon and edward norton in rounders (1998) john mike mcdermott: [ referring to the amount of money worm won] so he took off eight from roman and maurice. The final scenes of the movie involves a head's up battle between damon's character mike, and malcovich's teddy kgb i don't remember the original game and like chess players, poker players love to talk about , analyze and recreate famous hands as a learning tool and for the sheer fun of it that is what mike and the. Rounders (1998) on imdb: plot summary, synopsis, and more gifted poker player mike mcdermott (matt damon) loses his entire $30,000 bankroll in a hand of texas hold'em against teddy kgb (john malkovich), a russian mobster who runs an illegal underground poker room shaken, mike decides to concentrate on.

the movie rounders and the mike mcdermott character analysis Rounders movie clips: buy the movie: v4uafc don't miss the hottest new trailers: clip description: d if kgb had been clever, he would have taunted mike about not having the stones to lose on the cards & that he's bottling it in his head.
The movie rounders and the mike mcdermott character analysis
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